When Ford Corl was 3 years old he jolted out of bed and looked out of his bedroom window. The clouds were gray and shaped like someone giving the middle finger. He knew it was finally time to return to the lake.


He packed all of his hats and was about to head out when he was stopped by Skip Bits, his future 4th grade teacher, standing in the doorway. "Hey, Corl! I'll bet you 15 cakes you can't write and record 10 albums and then throw a bowling ball in the dolphin tank at Sea World!"


Ford dropped his bag of hats and immediately got to work learning what music was, so he could one day record an album.


Ford is a grown child now and he is still in pursuit of that goal. He hopes to one day hear the dolphins shriek in terror as a bowling ball comes crashing down into their small tank while he enjoys the sweet flavor of those goddamn cakes.


"Despite wearing a shirt that read “Barf,” Ford Corl puts on one of the most polished shows you can see in Reno. The band fills a niche of loose creativeness and bold investigational pop."

Tony Contini, Tahoe Onstage

"It’s a blend of poppy New Wave-inspired songs and ear-washing electronic soundscapes. “Anthem for All,” the album opener, sounds like one of Brian Eno’s pop songs or maybe something by Dan Deacon. The second song is a bit of Devo weirdness and the third track, “Frankie Lit Up the Night” has a chord progression and sonic structure like a Neutral Milk Hotel song, and narrative lyrics about, as far as I can tell, arson and murder. It’s an album that warrants and rewards repeat listens."

- Brad Bynum, RNR on the album Green Eyes


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