"Corl's forthcoming album, The Dumb Album, is the work of a confident singer, songwriter and bandleader. In the 11 years since Acoustic Face, Corl has released three other albums and an EP—a steadily improving catalog of songs."

- Brad Bynum, Reno News and Review 

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"The Dumb Album is Ford’s latest release. A truly ambitious effort combining lush synth textures and Indie-Pop. This record draws from inspirations old and new. Everything from 80’s New Wave and 90’s Grunge to modern Pop. The album might have a “Dumb” name, but upon listening, it’s  quite emotional. Ford really pours his heart out on this record, resulting in an absurd, sad and even uplifting listening experience."

- Tony Contini,

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About The Dumb Album

This album has been an honest to goodness labor of love. From writing and recording the demos, to the finish product, this album took roughly 3 years to make. It might only be 8 songs, but these are the most carefully crafted pieces I've ever made. It's all thanks to the amazing people that contributed to this album.

Album Credits

Ford Corl - Vox, Guitar, Synth

Shawn Sariti - Lead Guitar

Adam Carpenter - Bass

Troy Elizares - Drums

About Ford Corl

A former film student, Ford Corl has been writing and recording solo albums for over 15 years. His music has been described as many things over the years - Psychedelic, Pop, Noise, Rock, Indie, New Wave. His records continue to climb, not only in ambition, but in sonic texture. The live version of his music is something to be seen. Combining his love for creating graphic animations and cinematography with his love of music, Ford Corl is an intense live expirience combining danceable pop music with psychedelic, animated visual art making it a fully immersive and visceral experience for audience members. 

Produced, engineered and mixed by Ford Corl

Drums mixed and engineered by Shawn Sariti at Moon Room Recordings

Mastered by Colin Christian at Wire and Noise

Album art by Troy Elizares


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