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I've always been fond of being behind the camera. It's what I gravitated to the most when studying film/TV at the University of Arizona. I feel it's my greatest strength, knowing what's best for a particular shot (Framing, movement, lighting etc.)

I've applied this skill in many ways over the years. Recently it has been through nature videography, in my current position. I've traveled all over the world and captured some of the most beautiful scenery this world has to offer. I also co-founded a non-profit music video company called The Reno Sessions, which allows me to explore a more aggressive style of shooting.


Throughout my professional career, video editing is what I have the most physical experience with. Every job I've had after college has required sharp editing skills. I've really embraced and honed in on this skill over the last decade and I feel I have quite the knack for it.

It's all about feeling what the content needs. Music videos need a different style than a documentary and docs need a different style than nature/relaxation content. It's all about bringing out the best in the footage you've been given.

Music Videos


I also have extensive knowledge in After Effects and I'm able to incorporate motion graphics into all of my edits. I've held several positions as a Motion Graphic Editor.


I might not be the loudest person in the room, but I can definitely get people, whether it's the subject in front of the camera or the  entire crew to understand and work hard for a stellar finished product. I think it's also important to have fun on set. I always want anyone I work directly with to feel like they had a great time.

Because I have a very empathetic personality, I feel that I can really connect with the subject and get them to understand what the objective is. Having everyone on the same page will always make the product better and I feel it is one of my strengths to communicate clearly and with intention.


Over the past few years at my current position it was a goal of mine to completely re-build their video marketing content. During the process I did a lot of "scratch" VO for early drafts of the corporate videos I was working on. They loved the sound of my voice so much that they decided to make me the "voice" of the company.

Product Demo 1 - Ford Corl
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Relaxation Demo - Ford Corl
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Product Demo 2 - Ford Corl
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Product Demo 3 - Ford Corl
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If I had to pick what my biggest passion was outside of video production, it would be music production. One of the first things I ever learned to do creatively was make music and I'm forever grateful that it sent me down the path of being a creative person.

I'm fascinated with the writing and recording process. I built a studio in my home and over the last 15 years I've written and recorded 5 LPs, 1 EP, and a single. I've since put together a live group to play a full multimedia show with animations that I built myself. I'm currently working on my 6th LP.

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